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Earn Cash Promoting A Quality Product.

We offer 15% Commissions to our Affiliates... and 5% Second Tier Commissions!

Use the links at the right side of the page to become an affiliate or to log in to your existing affiliate account.

Join our Boostaroo Affiliate Program today, and start making money by promoting on your web site our top rated Boostaroo® brand pocket sized portable audio amplifiers and splitters.

If your web site customers enjoy music and want better and louder audio from their MP3, CD, or DVD players, computers and laptops, the Boostaroo Affiliate Program is for you. Why not be the resource that offers great audio accessories and make a referral commission as well? By simply displaying a banner for the Boostaroo® on your web page(s), you can earn up to 15% for each sale made from your site. And if your customers sign up to be an affiliate, we'll give you an additional 5% on every sale made from their site.

Here's how the Boostaroo Affiliate Program works:

Whenever one of your customers clicks on a Boostaroo Banner ad, a cookie is sent to their computer containing your unique Account ID, which tags the your visitor for the next 90 days. If this visitor buys their own Boostaroo within this time period, we will pay you a 15% commission on the purchase price - and you'll get immediate credit for that sale.

With second tier commissions, you'll have the chance to earn even more money when your visitors sign up to be our Affiliate Members. Each visitor that clicks through to our site and signs up to become an Affiliate Member will be placed in your second tier - which means you'll earn 5% on each sale they make.

Checks will be written to each affiliate on the 15th of each month for the previous month's sales that exceed $50.00.

As you can imagine, just a few sales made as a result of a banner placed on your site - or your visitor's site, could mean substantial extra income with no work on your part. It's a "no-brainer"! Hmm, post a banner - get paid. What a concept!

Becoming an Affiliate Member with is simple and its FREE. You have nothing to lose and plenty of extra income to gain. You can be set up within an hour by following the easy directions on the next page.

To join the Boostaroo Affiliate Program, simply click on the sign-up link at the right side of the page. Fill out the brief registration form and then select the banner ad code for your site. You will then be able to go to your own personal page, where you can see real-time statistics on your sales activity, click-throughs, and commissions earned.