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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through some of our more common questions and answers about our products. If you do not see the information you are looking for, Contact Us. We will try our best to answer your questions.

What is a headphone amplifier?

A headphone amplifier, or headphone amp, is simply an amplifier specifically designed to drive the small audio drivers inside headphones. Because headphones are often used in portable applications, many headphone amps are conveniently battery powered. Headphone amps can also be used in a work station or desktop setting where they sometimes act as a switch between various sound sources or as a pre-amp for powered desktop speakers. Dedicated headphone amps may also include USB connections for direct power use. Other dedicated headphone amps may use AC/DC power supplies as well.

Do I need a headphone amplifier?

A headphone amplifier considerably improves the sound of your audio device to improve your listening experience. Please read a detailed description of how a headphone amplifier can help you experience your music the way it was meant to sound.

Will an amplifier damage my hearing?

An amplifier can have the potential of raising the decibels or (dB) of your audio to a point where you can damage your hearing after prolonged use. However, the purpose of an amplifier is not to harm you. A headphone amplifier is created to provide enough power properly drive headphones or speakers. If used correctly, amplifiers can actually help prevent hearing loss. Through an audio amplifier, a user can achieve a higher quality audio signal at a lower volume level. This allows the user to better hear audio with more clarity, detail, and fullness that would normally only be heard at higher volume levels through the audio device without an amplifier.

Can I leave batteries in the T795/T696 Boostaroo and use the power cables?

No, you should not leave any batteries inside the T795/T796 Boostaroo AMPLIFIER WHEN POWERING IT FROM AC OR USB CABLES as it can lead to a FIRE RISK.

How can I tell what my cost of shipping will be?

Our shipping rates are flat fees, based on the number of product(s) selected and shipping destination of your order. Rates start at $4.50 for USA First Class Mail, $7.80 First Class Mail to Canada, and $25.50 for Priority Mail International. All available shipping options and rates will appear, once the shipping destination has been entered during checkout. International customers are responsible for all Value Added Taxes (VAT), customs, and brokerage fees that may apply.

How much gain can I expect from the Original Boostaroo with my portable audio player?

The Original Boostaroo will provide your headphones with a 8dB increase. The exact gain increase depends on the Ohm rating oh your headphones and the power output of your audio device. For optimal results, we recommend not using headphones exceeding 32 Ohms with the Boostaroo amplifier.

How do amplifier produce better sound?

Audio players start to generate distortion, when you have to increase the volume to max or near max just to hear them. The higher the volume level, the greater the distortion. By using an amplifier, you can leave the volume of your player at a lower level, thereby reducing distortion and even increasing the battery life of your audio player. The Boostaroo makes headphones sound better by improving the driver performance of more powerful headphones.

How can I get even more gain with the Boostaroo?

There is no real way to get more gain out of a single Boostaroo Amplifier. We do sell a higher gain amplifier model that is twice as powerful as the Original Boostaroo. It's called the Boostaroo Revolution. Optionally, you can also daisy chain one or two Boostaroo amplifiers together. This will provide you with a significant volume increase.

Is it true that a Boostaroo can prolong the battery life of my portable player?

It's a fact. In a MP3 player, at least 30 percent of the battery power goes to running circuitry that produces the audio output for you to listen. As the battery is drained. The audio signal is the first thing to diminish and the audio quality worsens. Turning up the volume on your player drains the batteries faster. Our Boostaroo amplifiers let you leave the volume lower on your audio player, so less power is needed to drive your headphones. You almost double the battery life of your player by using a Boostaroo.

Is there any difference in the output volume when more than one set of headphones are plugged in the Boostaroo?

No. There is uniform output based on 3 separate units each with our amplifier - it's like having 3 mini amplifiers in one package. The Boostaroo Revolution works the same, but only has 2 available outputs.

The Boostaroo does not have a volume control. Why?

The Boostaroo does not come with a volume control built-in. We did this because, in most cases, you do not need an additional volume control. The volume can be controlled by the primary audio player. If it cannot, an external volume control can be used with the amplifier.

Can I use a Boostaroo with my computer?

Absolutely! It's very simple to amplify the output of your computer's sound card. You just plug the Boostaroo into the output jack, usually identified as green, on your PC or laptop. Then plug your headphones and/or your speakers into Boostaroo. If you listen to a lot of audio on your PC, you'll appreciate the gain it provides.

How come I don't get much increase from my high-end headphones with the Original Boostaroo?

High-end headphones traditionally have higher Ohm ratings. The Original Boostaroo's output will decrease as the resistance (Ohms) of your headphones increase. For higher-end headphones, we recommend purchasing The Boostaroo Revolution. The Revolution provides a more powerful output which will power headphones from 16-300 ohms.

Any other great products on the way?

We are always working on something new. Feel free to join our mailing list. Joining our list also enters you to win a Boostaroo amplifier. We do not SPAM and we do not sell our lists. We only issue emails when new products or specials come out.

What is the strangest place the Boostaroo is used?

Believe it or not, Boostaroo has been used by U-2 pilots who listen to audio books on long flights. And we've also heard from some sport fishermen who use them with their electronic fish finders.

What else can I use my Boostaroo for, other than my MP3 player?

You can use a Boostaroo with portable CD and DVD players, GPS System, and satellite radios. Boostaroo also enhance TVs, race scanners, and motorcycle intercom systems. It's also used in schools at listening stations in computer, music, and media labs.

What is a AAAA Battery? Where can I find them?

AAAA (4A) Batteries are a little smaller than a AAA Battery, but still provide the same amount of power and battery life. These batteries can be easily purchased on our website and at the following stores: Staples, Office Max, CVS, Fry's, HEB, Krogers, Longs, Menards, Radio Shack, Target, and Walgreens.

What is the difference between the Original Boostaroo and the Boostaroo Revolution?

The Original Boostaroo is an audio amplifier with a built in 3-channel splitter. The Boostaroo will double the available volume output of your audio player, with less than .3% harmonic distortion. The 3-channel splitter will allow you to connect up to 3 sets of headphones, or small speakers. The Boostaroo only has enough power to accurately drive headphones up to 32 ohms without loss. The Boostaroo Revolution is a High Fidelity audio amplifier with a built in 2-channel splitter. The Revolution will quadruple the volume output of your audio player, with less than .5% harmonic distortion in headphones up to 300 ohm's. The High Fidelity sound is achieved by our proprietary circuitry that separates the audio signal. This allows you to hear high, midrange, and low audio signals much more clearly.

Can you recommend a good set of headphones for the Original Boostaroo, or Boostaroo Revolution?

There are a lot of different types of headphones out in the market. We recommend that you not to choose anything under 16 Ohms, otherwise our amplifiers may overdrive them. We offer a specific selection of headphones tested to work best with our audio amplifiers. They can be found here: Link to Headphones

I'm having trouble opening the battery door on the Boostaroo Revolution. How can I get it open?

We recommend using a small flat head screw driver or keys to open the battery door. Insert the screw driver or keys between the case and the raised lip of the battery cover; apply light pressure toward the opening in the battery door. The battery cover will pop open. Doing this a few times will allow the battery door to open freely. (Please take caution when opening the battery door with potentially sharp objects)

Can I hard wire the 12 Volt Powered Revolution to my bike?

You can hard wire the 12 Volt Revolution to your bike by following these simple steps:

  1. Remove the cigarette lighter head from the power cable.
  2. Screw on a 1-5 amp inline fuse to the positive cable of the power cord. (This isn't completely necessary, but is recommended)
  3. Connect the wire leads to the positive and negative leads on your accessories panel or wire harness.