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September 28, 2012
New Boostaroo Revolution Version Released

Now Available

We've been getting a lot of requests for a USB powered version of our Boostaroo Revolution series amplifiers. Now you can get your hands on one.

No more messing around with batteries, and our amplifier and cables are still hand crafted in the USA.

Simple to use with your PC, laptop, or tablet.

Up to 4 times more volume to headphones and speakers.

View the USB Powered Boostaroo Revolution Here

September 7, 2012
Information About Audio Amplifiers

When you think of an amplifier, most people think of amplifiers that they see in a car. Larger speakers, like those found in cars, need large amounts of power to drive them. Smaller devices, like headphones, do not need a lot of power to work efficiently. So, most portable audio amplifiers are designed small enough to fit in your pocket, while providing the necessary power to better drive headphones or small speakers.

Devices like MP3 players are known to have the worst audio quality in the market today. You probably noticed as you increase the volume, the more static you hear, and the audio becomes distorted. The job of an audio amplifier is to take the burden of sound production away from the player, which improves the listening experience and saves the battery of the player.

Who can use an portable audio amplifier?

Anyone that listens to music or videos on any audio player can use an amplifier. This is more true for people who use high-end headphones, or have a hearing impairment. Larger high-end headphones require more power to drive them, which stresses the audio player; more so than the low-end earbuds that may have come with it.

It is also essential to have a audio amplifier if you are trying to split the audio between two or more pairs of headphones. This greatly increases the power required from the audio player to drive them; which creates lower volume, and adds more distortion. Having an amplifier will reduce the load on the audio player and decrease both distortion and battery consumption.

A good audio amplifier should create a more pleasant and natural listening experience.

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August 1, 2011
New Boostaroo Improvements

You asked, and we have listened! We have made a few enhancements to the Original Boostaroo Amplifier, based on feedback from our customers.

1. We are strengthening the input audio cord. The new cord will still be flexible enough to move the amplifier wherever you want, while adding more protection against breaking or shorting.

2. We have changed the On status LED from red to blue. A few people were believing the amplifiers to be broken when they turned them on. Not only does the Blue LED not look like a warning light, it is easier to see and servers as a battery life indicator. The light will begin to fade in and out as batteries reach the end of their life cycle.

These changes will take affect on model (T613-BNC) starting in September. Keep the feedback coming. We love hearing from customers on what they think about the Boostaroo.

May 8, 2010
We now offer headphones!

Each model has been carefully tested to work with our audio amplifier and deliver you the best possible sound.

February 22, 2010
The Revolution has gone green!

You can now get the Boostaroo Revolution in a candy apple green color.

September 1, 2009
Boostaroo Revolution Gets a New Color

The Boostaroo Revolution, Model (R234), is now available in a New Blue color. More colors may be on the way...

July 13, 2009
Gunslingers makes the Mule Pack™ for the iPod® and the Boostaroo

Vegas based Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours, LLC is making a small handlebar mountable holder for the iPod Nano® and the Boostaroo Revolution® Headphone Amplifier dubbed, The Mule Pack.

August 1, 2008
2 New Boostaroo Revolution Models Now Available

We now offer a 12V powered and AC powered version of the Boostaroo Revolution model, making them easy to use with TVs, PCs, motorcycles, and car stereos.

April 24, 2008
Operation Boostaroo: UpBeat Audio, LLC Gives Back to Soldiers

UpBeat Audio,LLC announces a special drive to give soldiers a FREE Boostaroo Revolution hi-fi pocket amp & splitter for their music and movies.

Full Press Release Full Press Release

April 20, 2008
AC/USB Boostaroo Uses less Energy

The AC/USB Powered Boostaroo Model is now CEC (California Energy Commission) compliant. Our Boostaroo power supplies now use up to 40% less energy and take up less space than the original model.

January 3, 2008
Boostaroo Goes Green!

The Original Boostaroo and AC/USB Powered Boostaroo Models are now RoHS compliant. These new units contain less harmful chemicals, such as lead, that impact our environment.

November 9, 2007
UpBeat Audio, LLC and Boostaroo® Goes Green!

Upbeat Audio, LLC announces its RoHS compliance schedule for its Boostaroo® family of audio amplifier products.

January 22, 2006
Throw Those Batteries Away!

The Boostaroo now has an alternative to AA battery power. The new AC/USB powered Boostaroo gives you the option to power it using either a USB port on a computer or laptop, or just plug it into a wall socket using an AC/DC power converter. Please recycle your batteries.

October 4, 2005
New Boostaroo Revolution Delivers Amplified, 3-D Surround Sound to iPods, Other Personal Audio Players

Upbeat Audio's tiny pocket amplifier de-multiplexes compressed audio so listeners experience full field of sound; splitter drives two sets of headphones to share tunes or movies.

September 28, 2005
Reviews and Press Clippings for the Original Boostaroo

A Guide To The Most Efficient Things In The World:
Boostaroo Portable Amplifier -"A pocket-size portable amplifier that will give anything that uses a headphone an increase in volume by 100%. It increases the battery life of your audio player, because the player does not have to function as the amplifier."

August 22, 2005
An Improved Dynamic Chip

Better sound and absolutely no added noise! You'll be amazed at what it does for the audio of your DVD's and the iPod Mp3 player!

September 7, 2004
Wouldn't you like to be able to hear the music YOU PAID FOR - anywhere?

Tiny Portable Audio Amplifier & Splitter Really Doubles the Volume of an mp3 player, iPod, mini, DVD player, Pocket PC, PowerBook, or iBook.

April 22, 2004
An LED Light

Our most requested feature update! We've added a recessed red LED light that shows at a glance when you've left your unit on.

March 22, 2004
A longer cord.

We took the length of the 8" cord on the original Boostaroo and made it 12". A repeated request from our Motorcycle, NASCAR, PC and Laptop users

September 23, 2003
The popular Boostaroo® has a new look, and it's more than skin deep.

The new model features a clear plastic casing, a red LED light which indicates when the unit is left on, a dynamic new chip which improves the ambience of the sound as well as a slightly longer 12" cord.

April 3, 2003
UpBeat Audio, Inc. purchases all rights to the Boostaroo® Portable Amplifier & Splitter

UpBeat Audio, Inc. announced today that it has purchased all rights to the patented Boostaroo Portable Audio Amplifier & Splitter from Bowman, Inc.

December 31, 1969
Boostaroo Revolution®Boostaroo Revolution®

Our hottest and newest product. Audiophile's eat your heart out! 4x's increase in volume, enough power to drive up to 600 ohm headphones, added surround sound, and mp3 decompression for a truly enhanced audio experience. Plus, it's smaller... Really.