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Amplifier Basics

About headphone amplifiers

When you think of an amplifier, most people think of amplifiers that they see in a car. Larger speakers, like those found in cars, need large amounts of power to drive them. Smaller devices, like headphones, do not need a lot of power to work efficiently. So, most portable audio amplifiers are designed small enough to fit in your pocket, while providing the necessary power to better drive headphones or small speakers.

Digital devices, like MP3 players, are known to have the worst audio quality in the market today. You have probably noticed as you increase the volume, the more static you hear, and the audio becomes distorted. The job of an audio amplifier is to take the burden of sound production away from the player, which improves the listening experience and saves the battery of the player.

Who can use a headphone amplifier?

Anyone that listens to music or videos on any audio player can use an amplifier. This is more true for people who use high-end headphones, or have a hearing impairment. Larger high-end headphones require more power to drive them, which stresses the audio player; more so than the low-end earbuds that may have come with it.

It is also essential to have a audio amplifier if you are trying to split the audio between two or more pairs of headphones. This greatly increases the power required from the audio player to drive them; which creates lower volume, and adds more distortion. Having an amplifier will reduce the load on the audio player and decrease both distortion and battery consumption.

A good audio amplifier should create a more pleasant and natural listening experience.

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