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Race Scanner

Race Scanner Amplifier

Is the roar of the cars and crowd drowning out the dialogue between drivers and pit crew?

Lucky for you, there's the Boostaroo audio amplifier and splitter for race scanners.

You're ready for a NASCAR race. You've got the binoculars, the shades, a pit pass, and even put fresh batteries in you race scanner. All you need now is some way to tame the noise to the track to hear your scanner.

There's absolutely no sense in trying to quiet fans or put mufflers on the race cars. Your best bet is an easy one; get a Boostaroo amplifier and splitter for your race scanner. The Boostaroo solves the problems caused by crowds and cars.

It allows up to three people to listen to your race scanner, and gives you double the volume with greater clarity and longer scanner battery life.

Whether it's racetrack info or music - the Boostaroo portable audio amplifier splitter will help you hear better and listen longer.

The Boostaroo is small and light, and will easily fit in a shirt pocket, or a pants pocket. This mini amplifier packs a big audio punch. Best of all, you'll save a lot of money on batteries, as the Boostaroo headphone amplifier is self powered, runs for 36 hours, and it will double the battery life of most race scanners.

Race Scanner Amplifier Technical Specs