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Volume to low from your earbuds? Then it's time to try an Earbud Amplifier.

The Boostaroo earbud amplifier provides up to a four times increase in volume, with greater audio clarity, and a richer sound experience.

This tiny amp can help almost any portable audio device drive your earbuds more efficiently. The more efficient, the better the sound quality.

The amplifier also has a built in audio splitter. So, 2 people can at the same time.

The earbud amplifier is portable, light weight, and has a 40 hour play time.

The Boostaroo is also easy to use. Simply plug the amplifier into the audio out of your player, then plug your earbuds into the one of the audio outputs on the amplifier.

Earbud Amplifier Technical Specs

"I am using Sony earbuds with the amplifier. It sounds awesome!" ~ Amp Owner Rocky