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Travel Amplifier

Trying to boost your volume at 20,000 feet?

Solve your problem with Boostaroo Travel Amplifier!

In spite of the claims you see on TV commercials, cars and airplanes are usually not quiet places. If you're traveling with children, it's a given the inside noise levels are somewhere up in the triple digits. If you've been frustrated with trying to listen to a few tunes but end up being distracted by all that noise... we've got a solution for you, the Boostaroo.

You can enjoy hearing your favorite music wherever you happen to be. Plug a Boostaroo into the headphone jack of your portable DVD player, laptop, CD or mp3 player, or anything else with an audio jack. Then plug in your headphones to one of the three output jacks, and you get an immediate 100 percent boost in sound. Clean, clear and crisp audio. No added distortion or tinny sound either.

Flying with a friend? Pack an extra set of headphones and you can BOTH listen without straining for whispers and mumbles or all the nuances of music and movies. If the person in the aisle seat looks envious, hand him your third set of earphones. Be a nice person and don't charge for a headphone rental.

Got kids in the back seat who want to hear that song eight times in a row? Hand 'em a Boostaroo. Not only can up to three people listen at the same time, but Boostaroo is self-powered (two AA batteries that will last for 36 hours) so there's no additional drain on your MP3 or CD player's batteries. It's cheap, small - fits in a pocket, so it makes the perfect traveling companion.

Travel Amplifier Technical Specs