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"One way to overcome aircraft cabin noise is to make your music louder, and the Boostaroo amplifier obliges. Even better, it allows up to three people to share the stereo output from a single device, assuming they all have headphones. If you have two or three kids on a long car trip, you need this gizmo."

About Us


The Boostaroo Revolution makes bass more defined and highs clearer and crisper. The sound is louder at a lower device volume level. It also increases the battery life of your audio player, because the player doesn't have to function as the amplifier.



If you have a question about our Boostaroo products, or need help placing an order, please call us using the contact information below. Or, use the form on this page to send us a message.



The Boostaroo headphone amplifers and audio splitters have certainly caught the attention of the music and technology world. Check out the articles and reviews below from magazines, blogs, and other organizations.

Amplifier Basics


A good audio amplifier should create a more pleasant and natural listening experience.

Car Aux Input


"The input signal from my mp3 player to the aux in of my car radio was very week. Then I bought a Boostaroo and the problem was solved at once. Now I hear louder sound with the better quality. Thank you very much people."

Cell Phone Amplifier


For those of you that enjoy great audio. You cannot beat the sound that the Boostaroo Audio Amplifier provides fro your cell phone.

DVD Players


"I bought this at a kiosk in the airport, because my kids and I were tired of straining to hear our DVDs and other audio devices over the engine roar. This simple device makes a world of difference."



"I am using Sony earbuds with the amplifier. It sounds awesome!"

GPS Audio


I purchased you amplifier for my Harley Softtail. I was looking for a small concealable amp to boost the output of my GPS . What a product! I can listen with ear plugs at less then half volume. I will be getting another one to boost my GPS before the aux input on my other Harley Ultra Classic."

Headphone Amplifier


"My amplifier has performed flawlessly. Easy to install & operate. No way to do it wrong, that easy. Highly recommend Boostaroo for anyone with issues of insufficient volume for whatever device they are using. Nuff' said..."

Hearing Amplifier


We're so sure that you will love what the hearing amplifier will bring you; we offer a full 90 day guarantee and a 1 year warranty. If you don't absolutely love it - return it.



"The Boostaroo is a great device to boost the volume of my iPad!"



"Just a word of thanks to all of you at Boostaroo. I purchased my first one ages ago to improve the volume output of my iPod. I just ordered a new Revolution and literally can't wait for it to get here."



"Due to insufficient volume while watching movies on my laptop while in flight, I bought the Boostaroo amplifier. It made all the difference in the world. We'll take no trip without it!"

Motorcycle Audio


The Boostaroo motorcycle audio amplifier provides up to 4 times the volume and greater audio clarity.

MP3 Players


You cannot beat the sound that the Boostaroo Mp3 amplifier provides with enough power to drive headphones rated up to 300 ohms.

PC Audio


The Boostaroo PC audio amplifier increases volume and provides clear sound to headphones or speakers

Race Scanner


get a Boostaroo amplifier and splitter for your race scanner. The Boostaroo solves the problems caused by crowds and cars.

Satellite Radio


"I just received my Boostaroo today. It is nothing short of spectacular. I just love it. It was easy to splice into my satellite radio on my motorcycle and it is so loud I can hardly turn it up. the best money I've ever spent."



The Boostaroo is a compact, audio amplifier and splitter that increases the volume of your tablet and lets you plug in up to two sets of headphones.



"I transcribe medical reports. This is the first time in my life that I have not had to have the computer volume control all the way up plus the speaker volume up half way. Now, I have the PC volume only 1/4 the way up! THANK YOU FOR A PRODUCT THAT WORKS."

Travel Amplifier


You can enjoy hearing your favorite music wherever you happen to be. Plug a Boostaroo into the headphone jack of your portable DVD player, laptop, CD or mp3 player, or anything else with an audio jack. Then plug in your headphones to one of the three output jacks, and you get an immediate 100 percent boost in sound.

TV Listening


"My TV doesn't have a headphone connector, it only has stereo RCA audio output. So, I was unable to connect my headphones to it. I learned about the Boostaroo in a electronics store. I bought it and it works very well. Now I'm very happy because, I can listen my TV without disturbing anybody else."

Wireless Headphones


The Boostaroo Revolution is an audio amplifier and splitter for your wireless headphones and TV. It provides up to four times more volume and allows up to two wireless headphone connections